Bedroom Decoration And Design Ideas

Because the average person sleeps around 6-9 hours each day, we have to pay attention to bedroom decoration. It has been said and proven that you can and will only feel like at home if you love your environment. If we think about it for a second, we spend around 1/3 of our entire life in the bedroom, so it would be crazy not to invest money and energy in furnishing it perfectly. After all, once the room is fully designed, the bed has been placed at your favorite spot you will be satisfied with the decision to allocating more time for this project.

What we need to pay attention to when it comes to bedroom decoration and also designing and creating our environment for sleep, is to make this room separated from interruptions and our day to day life. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install a wall clock large, a picture or other wall decorations, but you should be conscious about the use of this place. The lightening should be low-key and subtle to ensure great sleeping conditions for you, and your partner. You can place a TV in front of your bed if you or your partner should really desire it, but make sure that you don´t lose sleep because of it.

The cushions should be first class and you can of course select a color and design which matches with your already existing room accessories and wall color. Don´t save money for bedroom decoration such as pillows, because you might lose some regular sleep which you will miss at your job or profession if you pick low quality cushions. A person definitely wants to go with soft colors such as light blue, white, yellow, and also other kinds. Painting a bedroom dark is probably not the wisest choice. It is true that darker colors are not contributing to a relaxing atmosphere, well-being, and other aspects that you need.

A couple’s bedroom decoration always depends on the individual preferences and desires of both. Sweet and also romantic decor would be heart-designed pillows in red and white. This classic and also typical design which many couple´s prefer can add a lot of value to romance and also well-being on both sites. Make this place comfortable for your needs, and ask for your partner´s opinion when it comes to accessories such as clocks, cushions, TV, table etc.

Modern Home Decor and Fashion Trends for 2012

As 2012 is upon us, it is a great time to look at designer forecasts for what are the hot colors for modern home decor in this new year. Benjamin Moore’s 2012 ColorPulse event showcased an interesting trend in Preservation due to the current economic climate and a desire to connect with our past.

What is being called “Fabulous Foliage” includes shades of greens, and homes are even once again being decorated with botanical prints. Green and white fern fabric can be seen in home furnishings, such as accent chairs, throughout the home.

“Global Safari” brings in unique home décor with ethnic accents, especially with the use of Indian and Moroccan textiles – lots of color and patterns going on there.

“Mixed Metals” heralds back to the unique decorations of 70’s retro, so not so much the shiny silvers, golds and bronzes seen lately. Think of mirrored, but not like in mercury glass that has been so big in 2011.

Another modern home décor trend, “Modern Art,” includes bright, bold hues and patterns, youthful-looking furniture and watercolor patterns – all with that IKEA feel. These splashes of color will also be found in housewares and gifts, like hostess and housewarming gifts.

And the unique décor, “Yacht Club,” trend can be achieved by throwing in red as a home interiors accent, along with weathered wood, anything rope-covered, and products incorporating a flag influence.

Modern home décor design trends will include native geometrics, fossils, Southwest influence, totems and stacking elements, handcrafted lace and embroidered items, recycled and repurposed items, damask, and rugs that look worn.

Watch for unique home décor cues from nature, and a move towards functionality and a self-sustaining lifestyle. Elements to look for include blueprints and maps as art, graphics, mazes, 3D art, digital art, terrariums, and food growing and canning. Big colors are blues, modern neutrals, layered greens, whitespace, pixilated colors, gray/charcoal/black, and red/orange as contrasts. Look for high contrasts, oxidized shine, and silvery and mirror effects in unique decorations.

Fashion for 2012 harkens back to those 70’s unique décor appliance colors. It’s almost hard to believe that we will once again see “Harvest Gold”, “Avocado” and “Almond” (this last one is still lurking in my kitchen). Maybe these colors will look better being worn than cooked on. We can only hope.

“Layered Neutrals,” with tones of oatmeal, brown, tan and grey are making the jump from wall accent colors to layered combinations in outfits.

“Pastels” will be seen in blush pink, mint green and robin’s egg blue. “Graphic Prints,” especially in black and white will be everywhere along with “Tangerine Tango.”